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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 20, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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state health officials are investigating another case of west nile virus. >> 37 cases have been reported including three deaths. a perspective on how debilitating the virus can be. >> i spoke to a man who had problems breathing and shortly after that he was diagnosed with west nile virus. today he is still in the hospital getting treatment. this is a cautionary tale on by we should take these warnings seriously. michael goldsmith has no idea of when or where he got bitten but that has kept him in the hospital for the past year. >> i was very active, i had three different jobs and have a lot of friends. >> goldsmith is from anne arundel county but we have to talk to him on the phone said he
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was receiving treatment in virginia. >> i am severely hampered in terms of my movement. i have not walked in a year. i can -- i have been pretty much tied to a bed. i have been liquid nickel trent -- fed with eight liquid nutrient. latest case has been reported in anne arundel county. they're nowhere close to the peak that was seen in two dozen 3173 human cases were reported. where we sing an increase? several different factors maybe playing. >> we had a milder winter last
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winter, a bit of a drought in the spring and summer. sometimes that can create more heat which can also increase reading at a miscue areas. >> they also suggest wearing epa approved repellent covering your skin and getting rid of standing water around her home. the west nile surveillance season ends, halloween and officials are urging your one to take the steps to retrieve themselves. the state agriculture department is spring areas all over central maryland during the next few weeks. >> police are investigating a homicide in west baltimore. skyteam 11 was over the scene in the 1700 block when investigators say a 24-year-old man was shot. a witness spotted a black
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female fleeing the scene. investigators say she is still at large. detectives have not revealed the motive or the name of the victim pending family notification. seven people injured in an mta bus pressure of a hospital. the investigation into how the bus drifted into a shelter continues. mta officials said the bus was parked and the driver was inspected the empty bus when it began moving in crashed into the shelter. >> there are a number of procedures that should occur when the buses stopped. everything from the wheels being turned to the bricks being set. we are investigating to determine of all the proper procedures were followed. >> if the bus up writer were told she could be fired. >> the 2010 law change the way retirees will receive annual
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increases in their benefit. the mayor's office is responding to the ruling. her office rights -- the rowling deal with one of many provisions contained in the legislation and many parts of the legislation were upheld by the court. the mayor remains committed to protecting finances and sustainability of the pension system. the judge called upon the city in the union to discuss the next ups. >> officials at three mile island are investigating why the plant pose a safety features kicked in this afternoon and triggered an automatic shutdown. it happened before to 30 p.m. this afternoon. officials with the nrc said the amount of radiation released was so small it was not measurable. people reported hearing a loud noise which officials say is
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what happens when steam was released. a spokesperson added there is no danger or health risk to the public. >> the presidential campaign continues to intensify. a poll has numbers out favoring president obama in three key battleground states. results say president obama has opened up and advantage in iowa and maintains a five-point edge in wisconsin and colorado. the controversy over his secretly videotaped comments which surfaced earlier this week. >> when you head to the polls, you will cast your vote in several races but you will be weighing in on seven statewide ballot questions as they change the future of maryland. question seven involves whether
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or not you are in favor of expanding gambling. three county executives say verlander should vote for the expansion. our county executive and the montgomery county executive said it would reject hundreds of millions for the state that are being spent in west virginia to find out of state schools and create out of state jobs. they took exception to as encouraging marylanders to vote against giving expansion. >> i did not like the fact that and out of state interests is putting $5.50 million to tell marylanders how they should vote. >> lawmakers voted to add the six casino and allowed table games like poker. boaters have to prove the ballot question in order for the allowed to take effect. with the gaming firm blinfirmly planted, the medical announced
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it received a $5 million state grant to create the problem gambling center. the telephone help line service referred problem gamblers to treatment. the center will host two annual state wide conferences. a regional conferences and webinars to help writers help -- providers help gamblers. >> the city is adding 100 new parking spaces and a road through the park. some say the changes would be devastating to the park and they are prepared to fight it. >> members of the patterson park neighborhood association go door to door gathering petitions and signatures against a proposal that would add more parking, pavement, and they say, more chaos to the park they cherished. >> i am against any additional buildings.
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it should stay as green space and the fewer the cars the better. we're here all the time with our small children and cars -- is not a place for cars. it is a nice respite in this densely populated city. they should not do anything with it. parking places would be dreadful. >> the proposal is to add 96 parking spots and a driveway look through the park to accommodate rec center renovations and a new senior center. representative said this is a proposal at a project for the city presents ideas for input. we understand the concerns expressed and take them seriously. what a lot of neighbors -- but a lot of neighbors are getting organized. nearly 1000 people have liked
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facebook page called stop the paving of our beautiful park. they say the party should be preserving green space and limiting traffic, not adding to it. >> this is an asset that draws families, all kinds of residents to the neighborhood. we have seen a lot of investment in the park and the neighborhood. it is truly a new cassette and something that we value of and hope we can protect. the census bureau released the list of richest states and maryland is at the top of a list. maryland was the richest state in the u.s. with a median income of $70,000. that is nearly $20,000 more than the $50,502 average income in america. mississippi is the poorest state with a median income of under $37,000. while marylanders are tops in
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income, figures highlight a disturbing trend. one in four residents live in poverty. more than 37% of baltimore children were impoverished last year. >> apple was the iphone 5 -- apple's iphone 5 will be released tomorrow. a father and son were trying to swindle others with a fake by phone. daniel parker and his son's decision came to an end when they tried to sell detectives the phone. police thought the phones were stolen. apple told investigators what they really were. >> $20 worth of plastic and john. if this is the iphone -- first iphone you have baht, this will fool you. >> they off the ground may prove
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difficult if you plano fly american airlines. it has canceled 300 flights this week to cope with a dispute with pilots. the percentage of flights arriving late has ballooned. several days -- some flights did not arrive on time. the union insists pilots are reporting to work as usual and blamed the cancellations on mismanagement and problems with old planes. yothere allowed to cancel up to 2% of flights through october. there is plenty of baseball with implications for the o's.
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>> safety measures in baltimore schools. when parents expect precautions to be in place. >> preventing major injuries during a serious crash. >> warmer temperatures and the possibility of a shower.
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>> the chesapeake high community is paying tribute to one of its former leaders with a lasting legacy. the gathered tonight at the passing a school to rededicate their refurbished auditorium to the former principal, william norman. the 76-year-old retiree was found murdered in south florida. they have officially launched a
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scholarship in his honor. it has been a week since baltimore county promise to equip school based police officers with metal detectors. >> big administration said it will keep their promise as early as the end of this month. we have an update accept -- and what needs to happen for the wants to show on campus. >> it was a response to two gun incidents. a student was shot in the cafeteria. a week later, a student showed up with a loaded handgun. the police chief and county executive with the call to ed metal detectors to help calm the fears of parents and students. they want to make sure everything is done by the book. >> is not just simply adding these metal detectors into the schools. is having appropriate policies communicating with their scoot -- their school partners. >> the county school superintendent says safety
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remains one of its top priorities. that is why trying to hire -- they're trying to hire a new safety and security director. about doorsorried being opened in high schools and they know is not an easy fix. you can adjust close the doors because the kids cannot get in for classes. there are those issues out there. >> the issues police they cannot be solved by metal detectors. >> they are one tool that our officers have in their tool box to address school safety. >> even after the get metal detectors, a resource officers will only be able to use them when they suspect a crime is about to happen. police will not say how many detectives -- how many there buying or how much they will cost taxpayers. >> on october 1, children under 8 will use a booster seat unless they're taller than 4 feet 9
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inches. the crash test video shows the major injuries a child can suffered during an accident is -- if the seat belt does not fit properly. the old law allowed children who weighed more than 60 pounds dropped out but height is the most important and it is better to err on the side of caution. >> that is the minimum thing at eight years of age. we want children, they should be in a booster seat and they're not ready to come out of that see until their of the right size and height sold the seat belt system properly as of 51 died. >> between 80% and 90% of parents are making a mistake when comes to safety restraints. >> we, this beautiful scene over baltimore county earlier.
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skyteam 11 picked it up. a great day for flying a balloon. nearly calm wind for the day. gorgeous scenery around the area. that may be not quite as perfect. it looks like a lot of fun. high chairs around the area were comfortable. 73 degrees. the cool 50's and 60's at the lake. some of that will be here before the weekend is over. we're watching some cloud cover out of the carolinas and virginia. they're producing isolated showers. we will see more clouds tomorrow. this day started off with chile if not cold temperatures. upstate new york, 26 degrees. almost freezing in the camry. low 40's karr bring a good part of western maryland.
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officially, the day started with a 49-three temperature. that is three degrees below the average trade record highs, still. hancock is at 6350's in western maryland. there will not get to freezing tonight. downtown baltimore close to 64 below. 50's in the suburbs. mostly clear skies. it is these thin clouds ahead of the front coming across the area. that will keep literatures out. the wind is out of the west. once the front goes by, the weekend that is the dividing line between summer and fall. falwell began saturday morning and it will feel warm ahead of that front. partly cloudy skies and showers
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at of the mountains and move off the coast saturday evening, following the colder weather to return. it will be warm enough and clear out as an office -- as we go through the week. a good day to be on the bay or in a balloon. 1 foot waves and high tide at 11:06 a.m. the thunderstorms are likely popping up there tomorrow and there is a good chance for showers on saturday. much cooler with highs in the 50's and 60's. fall arrives with a thunderstorm in the evening and turning cooler on the eastern shore on sunday. you have a couple of days to enjoy summer temperatures. around baltimore, 80 tomorrow and 82 saturday. the front arrives later in the day, signaling the arrival fall. breezy and: 71. cooler on monday.
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46 in the monday and the high only 68. >> stick around for a late night with jimmy fallon. >> the ravens get ready for some real pressure. the baseball playoff race gets more interesting even without the o's playing tonight. we will show you why next. >> it is time for the multi
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match. the jackpot is 6 under and $75,000. the numbers for tonight. 10, 27, 30, 3, 14, and 38. if no one matches all six numbers, the jackpot climbs to $700,000. next drawing is monday night at 1122 pm right here. for the latest, visit
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>> even without the orioles play an extra inning, the playoff race got more interesting. o's head to boston to or night. 13 games left in the season and the orioles continue to chase the division.
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nothing like a september sky above the stadium. yankee stadium tonight, holding on to first. bases loaded in the second. living in the first run of the game. what a series. for-4 last night. a solo home run in the second with the yankees and friend. drivinthe yankees' hold off a le rally to win 10-7 at yankee stadium. top of the ninth, the first big league home run. it looks like it is over for the rays. bases loaded. desmond jennings brings in two
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runs, tie the game at four apiece. the next batter, dj upton. center field and gone. if 31 walk of home run. the rays have an outside hope in the playoff race. beating detroit in detroit. not the strong suit of this highlight. scoring all away from first and is 3-2 tigers. this will be all tied at three. four three oakland up. driving the ball off. they are coming to score, oakliand wins 12-4.
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even with the win tonight it looks like the race for the division title was 13 games less to play. the wild card has plenty of drama. o's and a's on top. the top team well as well -- will host the game. the washington nationals clinched their post-season spot tonight. paul kruger returned to full participation after missing all of last week. bernard pollard suffered bruised ribs last week. new england likes to play aggressive at the line of
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scrimmage. >> the guys are allowed to jam you and they can grab and hold you. that is what you do. we've played some contact. that is our philosophy and will work this week. this comes to buying pressure. this comes to buying pressure. >> sticker
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but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work.
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>> the last day of summer upon us tomorrow. >> fall arrives at 10:49 a.m. on saturday. it will not feel that fall-like until sunday. 71 on sunday. low 60's in the evening. that will be perfect football weather. a beautiful, sunny day on monday. partly cloudy tuesday. some thunderstorms on wednesday. >> that is all for 11 news tonight. >> thank you for joining us. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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